Škloŭ police watch opposition activists

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Deputy Head of the BPF Party Ryhor Kostuseu

Deputy Head of the BPF Party Ryhor Kostuseu

Before Aliaksandr Lukashenka's visit to Škloŭ the local police persecute the opposition.

Ryhor Kostuseu, Deputy Chairman of the BPF Party, says: "A policeman dropped into and said not to open windows before lunch this Saturday. Then he asked me to specify where I was", the opposition politician informed BelaPAN. According to him, he lives in a private house near the regional centre.

“I consider it a political persecution before Lukashenka's visit. The question itself already sounds unpleasant. They ask relatives to show that you are being overseen. This is political persecution, a sign of some possible actions", Kostuseu says.

According to opposition politician, a visit to Škloŭ delayed construction, Ice Palace, may be the one of the reason for Lukashenka's arrival. "It was to have been built three years ago. Even the Škloŭ youth collected signatures to finish the construction, they sent them to the Administration. The construction continued, but then abandoned. They say there is not enough money, although every year there are facts of corruption of hundreds of thousands of dollars revealed in Shklou", the Deputy Chairman of the BPF Party said.