Baranavičy activist claims that he was beaten by police

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Baranavičy activist of "Young Front" Kiryl Luksha was beaten by the police after a protest action. He reported it through his accounts on social networking websites.

Co-chairman of the “Young Front” Andrei Tsianiuta commented on the situation:

“Kiryl Luksha continued the series of actions against the decree on social dependency. He was detained and beaten by the police. We regard this as abuse of authority by police officers and the continuation of political persecution of public and political activists.”

Earlier, Kilyl Luksha and Aliaksandr Pialepa protested at the check-up of the Baranavičy cotton Production and Paper Concern, holding the poster “We are for justice” and a portrait of Aliaksandr Lukashenka. The action was aimed against the dismissal of factory workers due to redundancy, among which there was Kiryl Luksha's mother. During the latest protest the activist was walking with a poster asking to help him pay the fee for “sponging”. Kiryl intends to continue his protest actions and appeal to the police concerning the fact of the beating.