European Belarus activist fined, two more detained in Smaliavičy

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Maksim Viniarski

Maksim Viniarski

The Smaliavičy District Court has sentenced Maksim Viniarski, activist of the European Belarus opposition movement, to a fine of 5.4 mln rubles on charges of insulting a police officer (Article 23.5 of the Administrative Code).

Two more activists were detained ahead of the trial. Volha Nikalaichyk was detained by the deputy chief of the district police department. On May 26, she was summoned to court for an action, which took place near the Russian embassy on April 29. Another European Belarus activist, Leanid Kulakou, was also detained.

According to a police report, Maksim Viniarski insulted a police officer calling him a vampire. The incident occurred when the activists, including Viniarski, came to the police station in Smaliavičy to meet their associate Leanid Kulakou after serving an arrest in local jail.