Ambulance called in to persons on hunger strike in Mahilyou

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Natalya Kastahladava, who suffers from a gastric ulcer, started vomiting. Natalya Mashkouskaya developed heart problems, he has hypertension. An ambulance was called in to them, Radio Svaboda informs.

5 citizens of Mahilyou went on a hunger strike on May 18. They state they have used all possible legal means to defend their rights, and have to go to the extremities.

In 2012 the block of flats where the protesters lived, was declared to be in a critical condition. Its dwellers were relocated from it to a dormitory of the construction group No.12. They were given rooms in the dormitory instead of their flats.

The protesting people say that there have been no agreements signed with them over the year they have been living in the dormitory. They are offered to sign an agreement for 5 years. Within this period they are to solve the problem where to live themselves.

The house No.59 in Leninskaya Street is situated in central Mahilyou, it’s an attractive place for potential investors. Before May 1 workers of the housing service painted the façade of the building which is in a critical condition, and glazed the windows opening onto the central street.