European Belarus activist to stand trial for insulting official

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Leanid Kulakou and Maksim Viniarski

Leanid Kulakou and Maksim Viniarski

On May 20, the Court of Smaliavičy district is expected to hear an administrative case of Maksim Viniarski, activist of the European Belarus opposition movement.

He was detained on May 15 outside the building of Smaliavičy police department, where the activist came to meet his associate Leanid Kulakou, who had served a seven-day arrest.

Maksim Viniarski asked police officers why Leanid Kulakou had been secretly taken to the railway station. This was the reason for his detention. The activist was tested for alcohol, and after the examination showed that he was sober the activist was charged under 23.5 of the Administrative Code (insulting an officer in the performance of direct duties).

After that, the activist released.