Yury Rubtsou continues hunger strike and prepares for trial

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Political prisoner Yury Rubtsou. Photo: svaboda.org.

Political prisoner Yury Rubtsou. Photo: svaboda.org.

Despite all persuasions of medics, Yury Rubtsou continues hungering at Baranavičy remand prison.

The medics warn him that as a result of the hunger-strike he can incur problems with kidneys. Moreover, the political prisoner has a stomach ulcer. Nevertheless, he still refuses to eat, drinking water and … tea with sugar.

The investigation of the criminal case under Article 415 of the Criminal Code "evasion of serving punishment of restraint of liberty" is coming to an end. Most probably, Mr. Rubtsou will be tried at the end of May and can be sentenced to up to 3 years in prison.

The reason for instituting criminal proceedings were the reports about violation of the internal regulations of the open correctional facility, drawn by its staff on Yury Rubtsou. The accused four times refused from the proposed vacancies, which was regarded as evasion from serving his penalty.
Let us remind that Yury Rubtsou refused to work due to the low wages and demanded to be provided with an average national wage - $600 a month. He also disagrees with the fact that the procedures of employment and dismissal are violated in open correctional facilities.