Publisher of the newspaper "Voĺny Horad" will be judged

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Uladzimir Kudrautsau

Uladzimir Kudrautsau

May 6, the publisher of the independent newspaper "Voĺny Horad" Uladzimir Kudrautsau received a notice from the Kryčaŭ District Court that the consideration of the administrative case against him would be held there at 9 a.m. on May 15.

The publisher of "Voĺny Horad" is accused of distributing false and defamatory information about the security officer of the Kryčaŭ District Police Department police A. Dziameshka. The appropriate violation report was drawn up by the head of the public security division of the Kryčaŭ DPD, lieutenant-colonel I. Vusik in presence of Mr. Kudrautsau, who had been specially called to the DPD for it.

According to the report, at 1 p.m. on April 5, 2015 U. Kudrautsau, being the publisher of the newspaper "Voĺny Horad" disseminated knowingly false and defamatory information about the police officer A. Dziameshka, who threatened to instigate a criminal case against him during the inspection concerning his appeal relating the head of the department of ideology, culture and youth affairs of Kryčaŭ District Executive Committee M. Maksimava.

The report against the publisher was drawn up under Art. 9.2. Administrative Code ("libel"), which provides for a fine of 10 to 30 base units.

Uladzimir Kudrautsau pleads innocent and claims he hasn't distributed any defamatory information regarding Mr. Dziameshka. In fact, the reason for the violation report was the information which was repeatedly published at various Internet resources about Kudrautsau's attempts to bring to legal account the head of the department of ideology, culture and youth affairs of the Kryčaŭ DEC Maryna Maksimava, where the police officer A. Dziameshka, who had conducted the inspection on Mr. Kudrautsau's appeal, was mentioned. Lieutenant-colonel Vusik showed Uladzimir Kudrautsau print-outs of these articles while drawing up the report of administrative offense.

Meanwhile, back on December 16, 2014 Uladzimir Kudrautsau appealed to the Kryčaŭ District Prosecutor's Office asking it to take action of prosecutorial response with the aim to ensure the impartiality and objectivity of the inspection of the division of combating economic crime of the Kryčaŭ DPD regarding Maryna Maksimava and protect him from the hints and threats on the part of the officer of that division Aliaksandr Dziameshka.

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