Police finish inspection against chief editor of "NAŠ Mahiĺoŭ"

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

No criminal case under Article 188 part 2 of the Criminal Code of Belarus (libel) will be instituted against Ihar Barysau.

Police major Uladzimir Kazakou stated about the completion of the inspection during a meeting with Mahiĺoŭ journalist Uladzimir Laptsevich.

“Yesterday, the police officer called me, said he wanted to meet and set a time. The reason for today's meeting was the article at the website of the independent newspaper " NAŠ Mahiĺoŭ" concerning the director of the JSC "Stužka" Siarhei Piatrou. During the conversation, the policeman said that he refused to open a criminal investigation, but initiated an administrative case in which I was a witness,” says Mr. Laptsevich.

Mayor Uladzimir Kazakou showed the journalist print-outs of Skype talks with Barysau and asked for explanations, but the latter refused to testify and signed an appropriate paper.

According to the journalist, Major Kazakou stated that Barysau also refused to testify, but as a result of the inspection it was found that he was the editor of NAŠ Mahiĺoŭ" and, respectively, was responsible for the publication of the content.

Let us remind that on March 12 four police officers along with two witnesses held an “examination” of the apartment of Ihar Barysau, having presented a warrant issued by the deputy prosecutor of Mahiĺoŭ. As a result of the examination, they seized three computers, a modem, and a notebook. So far, just one computer has been returned to the owner.

The same day, police officers “examined” the office of the Mahiĺoŭ branch of the Human Rights Center "Viasna" and seized three computers there, which haven't been returned either.

The reason for the visit of the police and the seizure of computers was a statement of the director of "Stužka" Siarhei Piatrou, who held that the website of " NAŠ Mahiĺoŭ" had published incorrect information about him. According to the police, an inspection was also held concerning Piatrou.