Yury Rubtsou: "I am going to declare a dry hunger-strike in the case of a closed trial"

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Yury Rubtsou

Yury Rubtsou

The political prisoner Yury Rubtsou has sent a letter to the Human Rights Center "Viasna". In it, he writes that he is still keeping a hunger strike and is not going to stop. In such a way Mr. Rubtsou protests against the instigation of a criminal case under Article 415 of the Penal Code against him, which he considers fraudulent.

He also writes about his plans for the future: "I have already warned the head of the remand prison №6 that I will declare a dry hunger strike if I am trial in a closed court hearing. This is my only leverage."

As it follows from the letter that the political prisoner thoroughly examines the article of the Criminal Code, under which he will be judged, and tries to interpret its legal wording.

In addition, Mr. Rubtsou draws attention to the state of his health: "I am probably having a bad cold, have pain around the shoulder blades, it is difficult for me to breathe. The ulcer is just beginning to make itself felt. Other than that, I am cheerful and resolute enough.”

Let us remind that Yury Rubtsou refused to work on the proposed ventures because of the low wages and required to provide him with a job with an average salary in the country - $ 600. The political prisoner believes that the initiation of a new case under Art. 415 of the Criminal Code is illegal, as well as the criminal case as a result of which he is now serving time ("insulting the judge").

At the moment, the political prisoner is held in jail of the city of Baranavičy.