Strange fine for Volha Mikalaichyk

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Volha Mikalaichyk

Volha Mikalaichyk

Volha Mikalaichyk wrote it at her Facebook account.

"I received a very interesting "letter of happiness". It was sent by Minsk's Peršamajski District Court.

Judge Liudmila Lohvin (Minsk, Astrašyckaja Street 7, ap. 2) wrote that I had not paid a fine of Br2.25 million.

As far as I remember, Peršamajski District Court did not consider any of my case, but for some reason, if I do not pay this sum, I will not be let abroad," she writes.

The reason for the fine is not specified. Volha Mikalaichyk does not rule out she could be punished for participation in Černobyl Way rally authorized by the government and held in Minsk on April 26.

It should be reminded that a few days ago the director Volha Mikalaichyk was detained near the Russian Embassy, when she and another activist Katsiaryna Sadouskaya held a performance against the arrival of Night Wolves biker club.