Wheelchair user in Babrujsk offered to install lift at own expense

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Anastasiya Fiodarava, a wheelchair user from Babrujsk, has received a reply from the Mahilioŭ Regional Executive Committee. The girl asked the officials to assist in the installation of a wheelchair lift at the entrance to an apartment building where she lives. According to Anastasiya, she cannot leave the apartment in her new electric wheelchair.

The letter signed by the deputy chairman of the Executive Committee Dzmitry Yankou offers the disabled girl to solve the problem with her own money.

“The estimated price of the mechanized lift is 20 million rubles. In 2015, no budget funding is provided for the creation of a barrier-free environment for people with physical disabilities in the municipal housing fund,” says the response from the Executive Committee.

“This answer surprised me,” says Anastasiya Fiodarava. “They think that I can live a couple of years without treatment, saving money on a lift. That is, the authors of this letter do not even consider the possibility of my return to normal life. In the meantime, I opened a charity account to undergo rehabilitation, to practice with a coach,” says she.