Political prisoner Yury Rubtsou receives investigation materials

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Yury Rubtsou

Yury Rubtsou

According to information received by the Human Rights Center "Viasna", political prisoner Yury Rubtsou has been allowed to read the materials of the case brought against him under Article 415 of the Criminal Code - "evasion from serving punishment of restraint of liberty”. He faces four episodes of “evasion”.

In the near future, the case will be referred to the Prosecutor’s Office, and then to the court. The date of the trial will be known within a month. Yury Rubtsou faces imprisonment for up to three years.

At the moment, the political prisoner is held in a pre-trial jail in Baranavičy and continues his hunger strike. He has not been offered a medical examination.

Yury Rubtsou refused to work because of the low wages and asked to provide him with a job with the official average salary – USD 600. The political prisoner believes that the criminal charges are illegal, as well as his current imprisonment as a result of an earlier criminal case for "insulting the judge".