Political prisoner Yauhen Vaskovich not allowed to receive books

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Yauhen Vaskovich

Yauhen Vaskovich

On April 17, political prisoner Yauhen Vaskovich was visited by his mother, father and grandmother. They brought him food stuffs and hygiene products, as well as a Belarusian translation of the Bible. Earlier, the prisoner was punished with solitary confinement for refusing to give the Bible to prison staff.

“Yauhen feels good, thanks for the letters and postcards, sends greetings to all. He was very happy to see his father for the first time in four years, could not stop talking to him,” says Rushaniya Vaskovich. “So we did not have time to discuss everything. We did not speak about the fact that Artsiom Prakapenka wrote a petition for clemency. As far as I know, the guys do not even see each other, since they are in different units.”

The relatives wanted to pass other books, but Yauhen was only allowed to receive the Bible. Rushaniya Vaskovich says that they will try again to pass him fiction books.

In a letter to his friends, Yauhen Vaskovich admits that now he reads few newspapers, and spends all his free time on books. “At school, I used to read little, but at least now I can read a lot,” writes Yauhen Vaskovich.