Civil society activist Nina Bahinskaya to be tried for white-red-white flag

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Nina Bahinskaya. Photo by

Nina Bahinskaya. Photo by

Nina Bahinskaya learned about the upcoming trial on April 13, when she visited the Maskouski District Police Department of Minsk on an oral invitation of the police.

April 10, Nina Bahinskaya had been detained near the Red Church after an action in the memory of victims of the Smolensk plane crash (resulting in the death of the leadership of Poland), after unfurling a white-red-white flag. She refused to sign the violation report, drawn up against her at the Maskouski DPD, where she was kept for more than three hours. The seized flag wasn't returned to her, despite her demands.

When the woman came to the Maskouski DPD on April 13, the policemen redirected her to the Maskouski District Court saying that her case would be considered at 2.30 p.m. However, when she came there she was told that her case hadn't been brought to the court yet. As far as Judge Tatsiana Motyl, who was to have lead the trial, was busy in some criminal proceedings, Nina Bahinskaya decided not to wait for her and went away after leaving a motion to be informed about the date of the trial.