Details of police raids in Homel

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Homel socio-political centre is Paleskaya, 52

Homel socio-political centre is Paleskaya, 52

April 8, Homel policemen raided the socio-political center in Paleskaya Street, 52. The search lasted about two hours.

As a result of an “examination” employees of the anti-narcotics division of the Navabelitski District Police Department seized four computer system units and a modem. They refused to draw up a report about the search, saying it was just an “examination”.

The same day, another “examination” was held in Leanid Sudalenka's apartment. The police confiscated the system unit of his computer and a lap-top. The official reason for such actions is an alleged appeal of a citizen who has allegedly received greetings with March 8 in the form of a pornographic video. According to the police, the message was sent from the IP-address of the socio-political center. No criminal case under Article 343 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus (production and distribution of pornography) has been instigated so far, an examination is being carried out.

Leanid Sudalenka is abroad now. “They want to make a fool out of me”, he commented over the Internet. “During the search on March 8 the policemen stated that female tax inspectors from the Savetski district of Homel had allegedly received March 8 greetings from me in the form of a pornographic video. My wife told me that our 18-year son Leanid was taken to the police.”

"This is absurdity”, said Mr. Sudalenka in an interview to “Nasha Niva”. First of all, my wife was shown some address at the mailing service, whereas I have an e-mail address at, as I don't use Russian mail services. Secondly, it is easy to hack any e-mail address, and a hacker can easily change the IP-address. Thirdly, I am a lawyer and a human rights activist and know the laws. Does anyone believe I could do such things?”

The police didn't confine themselves to seizing the computers. They also took for interrogation 18-year-old Leanid Sudalenka who has just returned from the military enlistment office (he is being drafted into the army). According to Sudalenka Sr., he was given the following questions: “What is your father's job?”, “What car does he drive?”, “When he was at home last?”, “Is he a member of any political parties?”, “Is he a member of the opposition?”