Brest dweller accused of libeling Lukashenka sent to Nainki mental hospital

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Mikhail Lukashevich

Mikhail Lukashevich

According to human rights activists, Mikhail Lukashevich is passing a psychiatric examination.

Brest dweller, who is accused of libeling Lukashenka, was sent to Navinki for a psychiatric examination. Human rights activist Uladzimir Vialichkin informed Euroradio of his stay in the Republican Scientific and Practical Mental Health Center.

He says he was unable to contact Mikhail Lukashevich about a week. Then he addressed the investigators who were engaged in a Brest dweller's case. During a phone conversation he found out the man's location.

It should be reminded that a criminal case against Mikhail Lukashevich was initiated in December 2014. The homemade banners from which a 63-year old resident of Brest built a fence in his house became the occasion. They carried criticism both of Soviet and current power. Some inscriptions mentioned Lukashenka.

Despite the fact that he painted offensive, according to the investigation, inscriptions, he was sent for examination to Navinki. The investigator says it was of his own accord. I hope it is true. But it is surprising that he has not informed about it", Vialichkin says.

Lukashevich's future is based on examination results. For libeling the head of the State he may face up to 4 years in prison. In case the man is found mentally ill, he will be isolated from society and sent for compulsory treatment up to two years.