Salihorsk human rights activist can't obtain a copy of “secret” ruling of executive committee for several months

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Leanid Markhotka

Leanid Markhotka

For several months already Salihorsk human rights activist Leanid Markhotkahas been unable to get a copy of the “secret” ruling of the Salihorsk District Executive Committee which restricts the rights of citizens to freedom of peaceful assembly in the district.

the ideologues of the executive committee refused to give publicity to the ruling, on the basis of which a Human Rights Day picket in the central square of Salihorsk was banned on December 10, 2014, even when urged by the prosecutor's office. The officials sent the human rights defenders to the “zonal state archive in Slutsk”, where the document is allegedly stored. On February 27 Mr. Markhotka sent an inquiry to the archive, but still hasn't received any answer.

“We already know the text of this mysterious ruling. This odious document has even been abolished on the initiative of the head of the Salihorsk District Council. However, for a successful fulfilment of the legal proceedings initiated by us we need to obtain an official copy of this document,” says Leanid Markhotka. “When I phoned to the zonal archive I was informed that my inquiry had been received and was promised to be sent a copy of the answer even to my e-mail. However, in violation of the law
"On applications of citizens and legal entities" I haven't received any answer neither in writing, nor in electronic form.”

Therefore, Salihorsk human rights activist has sent to the zonal state archive a repeated request about being given a written answer to his appeal. If the archive continues ignoring the initial appeal, Mr. Markhotka promises to draw the archive director to administrative account and also to apply to the court and claim compensation for material and moral damage.