Political prisoner Yauhen Vaskovich's problems with mail correspondence persist

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Yauhen Vaskovich

Yauhen Vaskovich

Civil society activists who have been sending letters to Mr. Vaskovich haven't received letters from him for a long time already.

TaіsіyaKabanchuk, the coordinator of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy party in the Mahiliou region, tells about a great number of mails sent to political prisoner, but remained with no answer, Nasha Niva reports.

"As a rule, Yauhen answers all letters. Last year during the action "Postcard to the political prisoner" we distributed them in streets and asked people to sign and send them. Someone signed "just a passer-by". Then the office of the BCD received the answer from Vaskovich with thanks for "just a passer-by" for the congratulation.

This year there are no letters from Vaskovich. Someone wrote him on his birthday, but no one has still reviewed a letter, we know it as we usually share such information. Yauhen's mother visited him before his birthday and said he was doing well and sent his greetings", Taіsіya Kabanchuk told.

The mother of the political prisoner RushanіyaVaskovіch says she receives her son's letters:

"He writes letters once or twice a month. He is busy, works a lot, there is no time to write. He writes he is doing well. He has no problems with health except for allergy from time to time. It is dusty there... on April 17 I'm going to have a short visit".

Also Rushaniya Vaskovich notes that Yauhen used to confirm the receipt of letters sent to him.

It should be reminded that YauhenVaskovich was convicted along with ArtsiomPrakapenka and PavelSyramalotau. He was sentenced to seven years in prison for an attempt to set fire to the doors of Babruisk Committee for State Security Department (KGB). The political prisoner has often been incarcerated. Later he was transferred to the Mahiliou prison as a "malicious regime violator".