Son of Babruisk blogger, sentenced to personal restrain, unable to find a job

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Search at Aleh Zhalnou's apartment

Search at Aleh Zhalnou's apartment

Aliaksei Zhalnou, the son of the Babruisk blogger Aleh Zhalnou, has been serving a personal restraint term in an open correctional facility in the village of Zalip'ye in the Homel region since November 2014.

Let us remind that in July 2014 he was sentenced to three years of personal restraint and a fine of 50 mln rubles for allegedly inflicting physical and moral damage to a traffic policeman Aliaksandr Butouski during a conflict near the building of the traffic police inspection.

Aliaksei Zhalnou pleads innocent and insists that he couldn't inflict any injuries to the policeman, as he was holding a camera in one hand, whereas another traffic policeman was holding him by the elbow of the other.

“My son still cannot find a job”, says Aleh Zhalnou. “He keeps getting employment denials no matter where he goes. Sometimes the reasons for these denials seem far-fetched. Aliaksei needs to inform the potential employers that he is serving a personal restraint term, which may also scare them.

The Zhalnous are still seeking the reversal of the verdict, issued by Judge Yuliya Beraziuk.

“On March 12 we went to the Supreme Court and were suddenly received by its Chairperson, Valiantsin Sukala. Our appeal will be considered soon. We are hoping for a positive outcome,” says Mr. Zhalnou.