At the trial in the case of Intigam Aliyev journalists are insulted

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Azerbaijani human rights defender Intigam Aliyev. Photo by

Azerbaijani human rights defender Intigam Aliyev. Photo by

On March 10 the  Baku  Serious Crimes Court continued the trial  in the case of human rights defender Intigam Aliyev. At the  of the trial a lawyer Fakhraddin Mehdiyev petitioned about changing preventive measure  and release of Aliyev from custody on bail of  human rights groups and members of the public.

They asked the court to take into account the personality  of Aliyev, his human rights activities, known in the country and abroad. Authors  of the appeal  charged, that  Aliyev will attend the hearings.

However, the prosecutor opposed, saying that  there is no need to change the preventive measure, but the judge dismissed the petition  of Rasim Sadikhov.

The lawyer Shahla Humbatova said that the prosecutor's office again rejected the request of the protection  for the return of financial documents and equipment seized from the office of the Legal Enlightenment Community (LEC).

The judge Sadikhov pointed out that some of the documents prosecutors returned.

However, Aliyev himself said that were returned part of the work that he led in the European Court of Human Rights, and they are not related to the criminal case.

On the other hand, even in cases in which he led to the ECHR, not all documents have been  returned.

The lawyer  Humbatova petitioned request data from the register of the Ministry of Justice for registration of grants, because protection data are not provided, and a notice of registration grants were confiscated by the investigation.  Aliyev is convicted  just for the implementation of projects without registration grants.

Lawyer Javadov also asked for the request in Unibank full account statements of the victim Afruz Orujova,  sister of the  LEC accountant,  Gulshan Orujova.

The lawyer said that  partial statements  were presented by the victim herself, and their reliability is questionable. However, the judge rejected both applications.

Then began the testimony of the Afsana Orujova,  who said that on her name was opened a bank account to which  were transferred the money  which then she passed Aliyev.

She noted that the money passed through his sister - Accounting LEC.

A.Orujova explained acceptance of the terms of the deal that she paid taxes and payments to the pension fund.

Answering the question whether she had an individual taxpayer identification number, she said she does not remember.

A.Orujova said that money is made out as the cost of translation services.

Answering the question of protection, on what basis the bank gave her the money, whether it represented an agreement on translation services, at the insistence of the prosecutor was removed.

In general, many of the questions were taken either at the suggestion of the prosecutor or by the judge.

Aliyev protested and  rejected the  court. The judge in this regard, offered to write a written statement.

The attempt of the accountant G.Orujova  to ask and answer questions, instead of his sister caused  the outrage of the audience.  Then  she began to insult the journalists sitting in the hall, calling them "unscrupulous, rootless, dishonest and traitors who are paid by the Armenians."

Legal representative  of G.Orujova, member of the Bar, Nemat Heydarov, also insulted journalists who urged the judge to end the abuse.

Because of skirmishes  the judge stopped the meeting, demanded the release of the hall. It was later announced that the  trial was postponed for 17 March. Journalists and members of the public insulted by the lawyer Heydarov, intend to file a complaint with the Bar Association.

In addition, they are going to prosecute G.Orujova and  N.Heydarov for defamation.

Intigam Aliyev was arrested on 8 August 2014 on charges of illegal business, tax evasion and abuse of office. Subsequently, he was also accused of embezzling and forgery. International human rights organization Amnesty International recognized him as a "prisoner of conscience.”