Babruisk: children's hospital not repaired because of absence of financing

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Babruisk children's hospital

Babruisk children's hospital

An interview with the chief physician of the Babruisk children's hospital Iryna Ryzhankova has been published at the website of the newspaper “Vecherniy Bobruisk”. The official spoke about the renovation which will be held in the building of the hospital, which had been built in 1963 and hasn't been repaired for quite a long time already.

Iryna Ryzhankova noted that all the necessary documents for major repairs had been prepared last year and were at the management of capital construction. The only problem is receive financing. According to the renovation plan, the engineering communications, windows and doors will be replaced, the facades will be renovated, cosmetic repairs will be done, new medical offices will be created, new equipment will be bought. The chief physician also said that “the walls in the hospital are quite old, but these are not walls who cure, these are people and equipment”. However, the time when the financing will be finally received, remains unknown.

Let us remind that according to the documens received from the local and
regional officials by an activist of "Tell the Truth" Uladzimir Shcharbatykh, the reconstruction of the children's hospital should begin no later than the first quarter of this year.

This is the only children's hospital in the city. It
also serves as five adjacent districts – Babruisk, Kirau, Klichau, Asipovichy and Hlusk.