Anti-sponger tax: Lukashenka to consider draft decree

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The document is at the stage of the completion.

The decree on stimulation of employment of citizens will be soon submitted to the dictator. Natallia Kachanava, the Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus, said it on Belarus 1 TV channel.

"The document is almost at the stage of the completion. It is being finalized and will soon be submitted to the head of State", the Deputy Prime Minister said.

She notes that today in Belarus great attention is paid to social policy. However, many people underestimate all that the State makes. "I believe that every citizen of our country should be involved in reimbursement of costs that the State spends for the social sphere," the Vice Prime Minister expressed her thoughts.

The document says that able-bodied citizens not paying taxes during six months are subject to pay 20-basic-unit fee once a year. Administrative responsibility will be provided for failure, late or incomplete payment of the fee.

As much as 400 000 are considered spongers. However, not everybody will be subject to the fee. It is planned to create a special fee-free list for some categories of citizens. The disabled and those who are raising children will not be on the list.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs proposed to arrest and fine the unemployed. After Aliaksandr Lukashenka's approval Decree was developed by the Ministry of Labour and social protection.

Members of the Government warn that the fee does not legalize backdoor salaries or grey business. If tax inspection finds out facts of profit then there will be applied additional sanctions.