Brest: investigative authorities don't disclose information about the criminal case brought for defamation of President

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Mikhail Lukashevich. Photo by BelSat

Mikhail Lukashevich. Photo by BelSat

Brest Regional Department of the Investigative Committee just confirmed bringing a criminal case under Article 367, part 1 of the Criminal Code (defamation of the President of the Republic of Belarus) and carrying out investigative activities, including a number of expert studies.

As it is known from unofficial sources, the criminal case against 63-year-old Brest resident Mikhail Lukashevich was brought back on December 29, 2014. He hasn't received official charges yet.

Mikhail Lukashevich lives on the outskirts of Brest. A few years ago he put a fense in an area next to his house, at which he painted political and social slogans with critique of the state authorities.

As reported by human rights activist Uladzimir Malei, from time to time Mr. Lukashevich was visited by policemen who demanded that he remove the slogans. However, he refused to do so and stated that he placed his expressions on daily issues on his own territory.

According to Uladzimir Malei, Mikhail Lukashevich refused to take part in the investigative activities. In February he was placed in a remand prison for three days with the aim to be interrogated. Moreover, the police searched his property and confiscated the “instruments of crime” from his garage, including several cans of paint and primer, as well as seven brushes. The fence itself remains untouched.