Mahiliou residents protest against prohibition of mass events

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

An appropriate statement was submitted to the head of the Mahiliou City Executive Committee Uladzimir Tsumarau by the deputy head of the Mahiliou regional branch of the Belarusian Leftist Party “Fair World” Valery Beraziyenka, the head of the Mahiliou city branch of the Belarusian Free Trade Union of Steelworkers Ales Serdziukou and a representative of the Independent Trade Union of Radio Electronic Industry in the Mahiliou region Aliaksei Yauhenau.

The signatories protest against the systematic obstruction by the services and organizations, subordinated to the executive committee, in the conduct of peaceful events in the past three years.

are unable to hold our events in line with the regulations of the executive committee for the following reasons: the Police Board of the Mahiliou Regional Executive Committee refuses to sign a treaty on the protection of public order during the event due to lack of resolution of the executive committee for its holding. At the same time, the city executive committee does not authorize the event due to the fact that the organizers have not concluded an agreement with the police board.

The municipal unitary road and bridge company refuses to sign a contract for cleaning up after a mass event, referring to lack of cleaners on this territory.

The head physician of the city ambulance station puts obstacles
to organizers of mass events, requiring the payment of expenses for the two days prior to the event. According to the Law "On Mass Events in the Republic of Belarus", payment must be carried out not later than 10 days after the event", reads the statement.

The signatories consider a number of
refusals in the conduct of public events in recent years illegal because they are contrary to both the Constitution and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, ratified by the Republic of Belarus.

The initiators of the
statement also note that in Mahiliou there is only one place for mass events - the stadium "Khimik", located on the outskirts of the city at the address Chaliuskintsau Street, 64B.This place does not allow for a public expression of one's views due to the following reasons: the stadium is situated in a desolate place, being surrounded by a fence, trees and shrubs from three sides; it is impossible to hold a mass event there in winter, as it is covered with snow. In spring and autumn there is much dirt, too; in order to get there from different parts of the city people will have to go by public transport with several changes. The signatories of the appeal consider the route for street processions on the right sight of Chaliuskintsau Street from house 62 to house 64 as a mockery.

Due to all these limitations, organizers of mass events will be able to hold them only for themselves, even if the events are authorized by the authorities. Therefore, such limitations must be removed.

It should be noted that the last public event
authorized by the Mahiliou City Executive Committee was “Slavic March”, which was carried out by pro-Russian nationalists on November 25, 2012.