Police insist that photographer Uladzimir Hrydzin return to police station

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Photojournalist Uladzimir Hrydzin was arrested today in Zavodzki district court in Minsk. As Euroradio reported earlier, there is now held a trial of Dzianis Zamiatalin, son of the famous Belarusian official and ideologue Uladzimir Zamiatalin. Information about the arrest was contradictory. Euroradio phoned Ulad to learn more about the incident.

"I was accused of supposedly photographing the convoy. But it was not the case, I did only a few photos in the room, there was no meeting at that time," said Uladzimir Hrydzin to Euroradio.

The photographer was first taken to the police station and then released. However, after some time the police called again:

"They are insistent. They are asking me to return to the police station saying that the chief wants to talk with me personally. I do not know yet if I'll go. Now I am at our office. I'm thinking what to do," says Hrydzin.