Östgruppen encourages Swedish Foreign Ministry to criticize verdict for Dziadok

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Swedish human rights initiative Östgruppen calls yesterday’s verdict by the Mahiliou court pronounced in the case of political prisoner Mikalai Dziadok, on the one hand, extremely "original" and the other - "politically motivated", according to svaboda.org. The human rights activists are urging the government of Sweden to sharply and clearly criticize the Lukashenko regime for the persecution of dissidents.

"In her address at the Parliament a few weeks ago, Foreign Minister Margot Wallström said that the protection of human rights must be the cornerstone of Swedish foreign policy. If she is serious, Sweden should strongly respond to such gross violations of human rights,” said Östgruppen leader Martin Uggla.

Östgruppen wants a clearer attitude of Sweden to repression in Belarus, as well as to the fact that the issue of human rights in recent years has almost completely disappeared from the agenda of relations with Minsk.