Brest journalist fined in absentia

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Leninski District Court of Brest has flagrantly violated Procedure Code, the Constitution and intermational standards.

Independent journalist Alina Litvinchuk informed Radio Racyja.

According to the court's decision of January 8, Alina Litvinchuk interviewed the Chairman of Brest Regional Branch of the Belarusian Peace Foundation Lidyia Ramaniuk without accreditation that caused the media law violation.

Litvinchuk allegedly committed illegal production of information materials. In the court the witness Lidyia Ramaniuk confirmed the fact of interview to Radio Racyja, which was mentioned in the court's decision.

The court found Alina Litvinchuk guilty of an administrative offense and fined 40 basic units, or Br7.200.000 rubles.

- I was not officially summoned to police. I did not sign documents proving that I got aquanted with materials of the case. I learned it only after the court. They violated the law on gathering and dissemination of information. Also it is the violation of international standards - International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which Belarus signed.

Alina Litvinchuk says that the judge Semianchuk delivered an illegal sentence, and she was not invited to the police and the court. The court did not informed her about the administrative case.

She found the letter with the court decision in her mailbox. Now she prepares an appeal to the Chairman of the Leninski district court in connection with illegal actions against her, as well as a complaint to the regional court.