Activist acquitted on obscenity charges in Salihorsk

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Uladzimir Lemesh

Uladzimir Lemesh

Local human rights activists found out new details of the case of a European Belarus activist Uladzimir Lemesh.

Earlier, the Salihorsk District Court found him guilty under Article 17.1 of the Administrative Code and fined the activist two basic units, but during a retrial in January the case was dismissed “for lack of proofs”.

According to Leanid Markhotka, the BHC representative in Salihorsk, the latest court order found the activist innocent, but it was not clear why the Salihorsk District Court for the first time ever decided to acquit the opposition activist.

“Because of studying abroad, Uladzimir has only now managed to get a motivating part to the judgment. It turned out that while considering the testimony of police witnesses, Judge Prakapovich, nevertheless, established the fact of swearing by the young activist in a public place,” says the human rights activist. “However, the motivating part says that there was no evidence proving Uladzimir Lemesh had hooliganism motives to swear.”

“The police officers’ explanations show that they did not try to find a motive in Lemesh’s actions, other evidence that could indicate for sure that his actions were directed to disrespect society and express disregard for others were not available,” says the Court’s decision.

On his part, Uladzimir Lemesh himself categorically rejects a fact of using foul language, but he welcomes the Court's decision to find him innocent and close the case. The youth activist intends to get his money back for a fine already paid and receive compensation for illegal detention in the pre-trial prison.