Trade union activists itnend to hold pickets against Decree No. 5

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

BCDTU has applied to Minsk City Executive Committee to obtain a permission for holding a picket in Minsk on February 21 with the aim to protest against the entry into legal force of Presidential Decree No. 5 "On strengthening the requirements for managers and employees of organizations".

The trade union activists intend to hold the picket in the 50-hoddzia Vialikaha Kastrychnitka culture and recreation park. About 50 members of four member-organizations of the BCDTU intend to take part in the event. The decision about holding the picket was adopted at the sitting of the BCDTU Council, held on January 23.

The same day, activists of the Independent Trade Union of Belarus intend to hold a picket in Polatsk. They intend to call Polatskers to file an appeal to President for suspension of Decree No. 5. Activists of the Free Trade Union of Steelworkers have filed applications for pickets in Minsk, Mahiliou, Homel, Zhlobin, Vileika and other towns and cities in order to say “No!” to the
odious decree.