Sanitary zone destroyed for a new hypermarket (photo report)

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Despite protests from local residents, the destruction of the green space at the intersection of 50 Hod VLKSM and Lunkou streets in Babruisk has begun. The local authorities gave this territory to the "Inproma Group" for construction of the hypermarket "OMA".

The green zone had been created there specifically to protect residents from harmful emissions of enterprises, located across the street - rubber products factory, tannery plant, plant of panel construction, tire plant. After the construction of the building hypermarket the flow of cars in the area will increase, adding to the pollution. Nevertheless, the green zone is being destroyed.

The trees are cut quickly. All in all, about 650 trees will be destroyed.

In October 2014 the local authorities held "public hearings" on the matter. An overwhelming majority of the questioned Babruiskers, 563 people, spoke against cutting the sanitary zone and construction of the hypermarket. However, their opinion had no impact on the decision of the officials. It was declared that the construction works start soon and will end in 2016.

Residents of the areas adjacent to the green zone continued sending appeals to the Babruisk City Executive Committee, defended their position at meetings with the developer and the authorities, hoping for a miracle. However, the only result was the hasty cutting of the sanitary zone, which started several days ago.

Interestingly, the "Minutes of public hearings on the project" has the following information: "In this situation, it seems appropriate to oblige the builder to move the object to the south, where there are fewer trees, and provide green spaces in the places of their largest concentration during the development of green areas and parking lots.”

Indeed, the right side of the sanitary zone less forested, there are even fairly large open spaces. However, the builder ignored even these recommendations and started creating a construction site in the places that best suited his interests, despite being densely forested.

Photo 1 - Felling of trees is going on. On the right there is a fenced area for dogs.
Photo 2 - The officials spoke on "harmful poplars", but birches are cut down as well
got under the saw and birches.
Photo 3 – the felling of trees is going on. A plant can be seen in the background.
Photo 4 – there are vacant lots on the right to the place of the felling, but they don't interest the builder.