Yauhen Vaskovich's friends ask to support him with letters

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Yauhen Vaskovich

Yauhen Vaskovich

Halina Smirnova, Chair of Babruisk organization of the Independent Trade Union of Radio Electronic Industry, says that Yauhen Vaskovich lacks support from outside.

I've talked to his mother, Rushaniya Vaskovich, and she, among other things, pointed that he had complained about lack of information about the life outside. He said that earlier he had received many letters from Belarus and abroad, but then started receiving just occasional letters. It is very hard for him without our letters. Of course, he doesn't always have time to answer them as he has a lot of work, but we would like him not to be forgotten by people. Moreover, February 26 is his birthday and it would be great if he received many nice and warm postcards and strangers,” says Halina Smirnova.

Let us remind that Yauhen Vaskovich has been transferred from prison to a colony. His current address is
Slauharadskaya Shasha, 183, PK No.15,
212013, Mahiliou,
Republic of Belarus.

“He also have problems with getting newspapers”, continues Halina Smirnova. “At the end of last year we raised money for newspapers and magazines – 800,000 roubles. I subscribed him to a variety of editions ranging from “Pressball” to “Nasha Niva”. However, as we found out, he still hasn't received any of these editions. I was prompted that
I needed to pass Yauhen the receipts confirming the subscription, so that he could pass them the colony authorities. I have done so. I hope this will solve the problem and he will receive newspapers both for January and February.