Will police department open a second-hand store in Minsk?

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Mikalai Kolas

Mikalai Kolas

Mikalai Kolas, who served a ten-day arrest for laying flowers at the monument to Taras Shevchenko in Minsk, was not returned his personal belongings - a scarf and a cap.

Back during his detention o January 22 the police forcefully seized his white-red-white scarf and cap. The activist put the seized items on the list of the temporary seized items at the Tsentralny District Police Department of Minsk. However, he wasn't returned the scarf and the cap after his release from the detention centre in Akrestsin Street on February 1.

This is far from the first case when the police fail to return clothes and other belongings to their owners. One of the recent cases is the detention of the Homel activist Yury Rubtsou, who was even taken to court stripped to the waist, as the police refused to return him the T-shirt with the slogan “Lukashenka, resign!”, seized during the “Chernobyl Way” peaceful rally in Minsk.

It looks like officers of the Tsentalny District Police Department are going to open a second-hand store. Mikalai Kolas has filed an appeal to the Tsentralny District Prosecutor's Office of Minsk, asking to assess the actions of the police and help him return his clothes