Opposition activist is turned into a «social parasite»

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BPF activist Leanid Autukhou

BPF activist Leanid Autukhou

An activist of the Belarusian Popular Front Leanid Autukhou has received a letter from Haradok employment center informing him he is removed from the register of unemployed persons and the social employment center will no longer deal with his employment.

Mr. Autukhou
is shocked: two weeks ago he visited the employment centre and was offered several jobs that didn't suit him for various reasons, after which the date of the next visit was appointed.

"I was ordered to come on February 12. This is my duty to come to the social employment centre on a monthly basis in order to be informed about the availability of new jobs, if there are any. Last time I went there on January 14. I was offered a driver's job in Vitebsk with a salary of 2 million rubles and immediately refused. There were also two jobs in the local timber industry – electrician and mechanic. However, this was not my profession .Well, 25 years ago I used to work as an electrician, but the equipment has changed since then, so I can't do it. In addition, I have a new popular specialty - the drivers of "E" category, being able to drive cars with trailers. Don't they have such a jon in the whole Haradok district?"

Leanid Autukhou recalls that
earlier he was directed to the Haradok branch of the timber company to work as a driver. However, as it turned out there were no serviceable machines. The cars needed repairs, and the driver is paid only the minimum wage there if the vehicle is not running. Mr. Autukhou refused to go working on such conditions, and told the independent media that Haradok social employment centre proposed non-existent vacancies.

The opposition activist believes that the staff of the social employment centre decided to take revenge for it:

The administration of the forestry administration was very dissatisfied with such a “fame”. By the way, they are having a driver's vacancy again, though there are no serviceable cars. However, I am not proposed it anymore. Last time I explained them why I couldn't work as an electrician or a mechanic, as I didn't have the necessary qualification. In response I received a letter that I had twice refused from employment and therefore am to be removed from the register.”
The letter from the centre is dated
January 23, but it is stated there that Mr. Autukhou was removed from the register of the unemployed back on January 14, immediately after his last visit to the institution. The opposition activist believes that the centre can also try to exact from him the money which was paid for the training for the driver category “E”, which he attended on direction of the social employment centre.

Mr. Autukhou believes that
making him a “social parasite” in such a way is not occasional, but is a continuation of the pressurization which started six years ago. He was dismissed by redundance from the local public utilities office after taking part in the elections to the House of Representatives in 2008 and couldn't find a job ever since. At first he used to be given jobs by the social employment centre and be refused the jobs at the enterprises, when their heads found he was an opposition activist. Later the social employment centre started making him proposals which were plainly unacceptable. However, Mr. Autukhou is not going to surrender and intends to prove he has been removed from the register of the unemployed without sufficient legal grounds.