Horki: police seize pensioners after anonymous report on their involvement in early election campaigning

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Maryia Kiryienka and Tatsiana Siarheyeva have been taken to the Horki District Police Department. As reported by the women, they are charged with electoral campaigning.

However, the pensioners deny such actions. They say they were detained in a park near the lake. “Now they are leading us from one room to another, not knowing what to do. They don't let us go,” said Tatsiana Kiryienka over the phone.

“We were walking. We are pensioners and have the right to walk. Suddenly a policeman started
running after us. As we learned later, his surname is Firsin. He said that he was a public agent and we needed to show our passports. We did so. He prohibited us to go anywhere and called a police car. Our town is quite small, but we were pulled in this terrible police car, in which criminals are driven. We were explained that somebody had phoned to the police and said that we were dealing with electoral campaigning or something else related to the elections. But we don't do anything of the kind,” reported the woman.