Health care department finds no violations in detention of protester in Svetlahorsk

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Health Care Department of the Homel Regional Executive Committee has found no violations in the forced hospitalization of Yury Liashenka, a disabled activist in Svetlahorsk, who staged a picket in the city’s central square on 25 November. The activist wanted to attract public attention to the violation of the rights of people with disabilities. But as soon as he unfurled a banner “Down with the chaos!”, there appeared an ambulance and the wheelchair user was dragged into the car. He was then taken to hospital, where he received an injection and was interrogated by a police officer.

A reply from the Department of Health Care says that the ambulance was called by an unknown man. The letter also explains that the patient had high blood pressure and therefore he needed an injection. The activist says he is going to file a lawsuit to seek justice in court.