Liabedzka summoned for poster "Je suis Charlie"

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The session will consider an administrative case against participants of solidarity rally for the journalists of satirical weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo killed in Paris, France. The action took place on January 11 near the French Embassy in Minsk.

Liabedzka told BelaPAN the hearing would begin in the Tsentralny District Court at 9 am, February 4. According to the politician, it is still unknown whether the rest of participants have received a request for summons.

"In this case, authorities hurt themselves. Yesterday Lukashenka called idiots those who detained us for this rally", Liabedzka said. -On the one hand, Lukashenka's reputation is at stake, on the other hand, it is a blow on his staff ".

As reported earlier, administrative protocols for participation in solidarity rally were drawn up against Liabedzka, Pavel Kanavalchyk, the former editor of satirical newspaper Navinki, and Dzmitry Kuchuk, the Deputy Chairman of Zelenye Party.

At a press conference on January 29 Lukashenka demanded to deal with the detention of people with posters "Je suis Charlie" next to the French Embassy in Minsk. Tatstsiana Melnichuk, the correspondent of BBC, called on the authorities to respond adequately to criticism and do not detain people with an opinion different from official one.

"Strong authorities will never be scared with criticism and humble themselves to petty violence against those who criticize a situation, the journalist said. - Some authorities' actions seem to be hilarious, when four people, with posters "Je suis Charlie" came to the French Embassy to commemorate with the world the death of French journalists, are detained".

"I fully support this, Lukashenka said and addressed the question Aliaksandr Kasinets, the head of the Administration of the President. - Do we have this problem? Well, four people were there. Were they against Muslims? She (Tatstsiana Melnichuk) is right. Acting like this, the authorities act to the detriment of themselves.

"We will sort out the situation", Kasinets said.

It should be reminded that in the morning 7 January in Paris, masked men burst into the Office of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and opened fire with Kalashnikov rifles. Ten journalists and two policemen died. The reason for the attack was the publication of cartoons on Islamic topics.