Participants of picket to support Charlie Hebdo to be tried in Minsk

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“Why? For solidarity with millions of people who took to streets in France on January 11. For 30 minutes of waiting for a police car, for the placard “ JE SUIS CHARLIE” near the embassy of France in Minsk. For sympathy! For self-respect!

Cowardly and hypocritical, they didn't touch us then. They were waiting and crept like rats from the basement only when many events happened after the Unity March in Paris. They don't care about killed journalists and policemen. The main thing for them is fear that not four but four hundred or four hundred thousand people will came next time. It will give the real right to choose. A cowardly judge and riot policeman, who doesn't think a lot, will have it, too,” he wrote.

The picket in Minsk on January 11 was held in solidarity with the journalists killed n Paris on January 7 the Unite March in the French capital.