Baranavichy court dismisses lawsuit against officials who used violence

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Ivan Afanasik after a trial on January 16, 2015

Ivan Afanasik after a trial on January 16, 2015

Dzmitry Varvashenia, deputy chief of ideology, culture and youth affairs of the Baranavichy district executive committee, escaped punishment for the use of physical force against a resident of the village of Malaya Svarotva Ivan Afanasik. The other assaulter, chairman of the Zarechanski collective farm Viktar Savos, did not even appear in court.

The impunity of local officials before the law could be witnessed by everyone who attended the trial at the Baranavichy District and City Court, which heard the administrative case of Dzmitry Varvashenia under Art. 23.39 of the Administrative Code (arrogation). The case was considered by Judge Yuliyana Scherba, who in just 10 minutes dismissed the administrative case against the official due to the expiration of statute of limitations.

“The police charged Dzmitry Varvashenia with arrogation and assault on November 12, 2014. For more than two months, the police and the judges pretended studying the matter, but in fact were deliberately delaying the time in order to tell me in court that the prosecution period has expired,” said Ivan Afanasik.

Dzmitry Varvashenia, a representative of the Baranavichy district executive committee, and collective farm manager Viktar Savos reportedly used physical force against Ivan Afanasik by throwing him out of the local house of culture in front of the villagers. He was the one who tried to protect the director of the house of culture Liudmila Haliova who faced dismissal.

“When they charge a representative of the opposition, he or she stands trial immediately and punished by a large fine. But today we could see that officials violate the law, while the police and the courts skillfully cover their faults,” said activist Viktar Syrytsa.

Ivan Afanasik strongly disagrees with this decision and intends to appeal it to higher authorities and courts.