Handicapped activist receives anonymous threats

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Yury Liashenka

Yury Liashenka

Svetlahorsk resident Yury Liashenka, handicapped civil society activist, faced with another act of psychological pressure. According to him, he has received an anonymous threat letter to his e-mail address.

“Haven't your legs been broken for a long time?”... “Remember, one has just one health, as well as life”, writes the anonymous.

It's worth noting that Yury Liashenka has
health problems, and moves mainly in a wheelchair.

Back in August 2014 he received a note with threats, and in November 2014
his mailbox was burned. His appeal to the police yielded no results: the policemen reported they didn't manage to establish the identity of the perpetrators.

"I do not rule out the possibility that these events are related to my public activity
for protecting the rights of persons with disabilities", said the activist.

January 14
Mr. Liashenka was visited by a police inspector who accepted his request to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice. The same day he was visited by representatives of the Ministry of Health Care who are considering his appeal against actions of medics.

Let us remind that the activist asked the ministry of conduct an official investigation into the use of
medics for the prosecution of citizens, give an adequate legal assessment to their actions and take disciplinary action against the guilty. “I require a complete medical conclusion about the state of my health on November 25, 2014, including the answers to the questions what and why was injected in mhy body at the reception room of Svetlahorsk Territorial Medical Association," wrote Mr. Liashenka in his complaint.

November 25,
the activist intended to hold a picket at the central square of Svetlahorsk to draw attention to the problems of violations of the rights of people with disabilities. Once he drew to the square in his wheelchair and unrolled a poster, an ambulance car arrived and took hum to the hospital against his will. The medics told him he was feeling bad and then gave him an injection in the reception room, allegedly against high blood pressure..

In his complaint the
activist notes that he was taken to the hospital involuntarily, against his will, and was given several injections at the reception room.

He believes that
by such actions the medics violated his rights and asked to investigate the situation objectively.

The activist was fined 300,000 rubles for his picket.