Yury Belenki fined for Dziady for the third time

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Minsk District Court delivered its verdict against the Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Christian Party of the BPF. Yuri Belenky was fined 25 basic amounts (Br3.75 million), "Radio Svaboda" reports.

The politician was drawn up the protocol for the violation of organization order and carrying-out of mass event - the rally in Kyrapaty on November 2 at “Dziady” feast.

The trial began on December 3, but several times it was postponed. The judge Ihar Ihlikau conducted the trial.

"The trial was held in per normal, as well as the previous two for action on Dzyady. But in the end I could not resist and told the Court that apart from the legal aspect they had to consider and the moral one. Innocent people were killed there, we're going to commemorate them and we have to pay money for it. I knew that I could do myself an ill service, but I could not help myself. The judge did not even look up at me, he was just staring at his papers",Yury Belenki said.

"Even stranger says that these courts are held due to my sharp speeches at rallies. I think they are right. This is the revenge for my political activity. And they are trying to do dirt on me" the politician added.

This is the third administrative case against Yury Belenki for the organization of unauthorized meeting and rally both in Kurapaty and Loshytski Yar on November 2 and 9 respectively. Earlier, two court decisions bound the politician to pay the fine a combined total of Br7.5 million. Three court decisions bound the politician to pay the fine a combined total of Br11 million and 250 000.