Minsk Regional Court sides with European Belarus activist

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Uladzimir Lemesh

Uladzimir Lemesh

Judge Huchok of the Minsk Regional Court has considered an appeal by Salihorsk activist of the European Belarus opposition movement Uladzimir Lemesh and ruled to cancel the decision of the Salihorsk District Court and send the case for retrial to another judge.

Uladzimir Lemesh was wrongly detained for allegedly using foul language, spent two nights in terrible conditions in the Salihorsk detention center, and then received a fine of three hundred thousand rubles. His apartment was searched and the police seized printed materials. The activist said that the court ruling was illegal and appealed against it to the court of cassation.

Unexpectedly, the Minsk Regional Court said that the decision of the trial court was one-sided and incomplete, and the investigation into the administrative offense was biased.

“The judge considered the case cursorily, failed to properly investigate the circumstances of the offense and was unable to find out whether Lemesh’s actions were based on hooliganism motives. It also did not establish the victims of swearing and whether these statements aimed at humiliation of their honor and dignity. In such circumstances, the decision cannot be considered legitimate and justified and it shall be canceled and the case forwarded for a new trial,” says the decision of the Minsk Regional Court.