Leader of the Homel “Fair World” branch sues medics

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Chairman of the Homel regional organization of the Belarusian Party of the Left "Fair World" Uladzimir Siakerka appeals the actions of the duty officials of the city ambulance station at the Tsentralny District Court of Homel. The lawsuit is related to the inability to hold public events in Homel.

In his lawsuit Mr. Siakerka points that on December 2 the Homel City Executive Committee didn't authorize his picket referring to the failure of the organizer to enter into a service contract with the ambulance station. The obligation to enter into such agreements is spelled out in the regulation of the executive committee "On Mass Events".

Uladzimir Siarkerka states that while preparing to the mass event its organizers took all necessary steps to enter into a service contract with the medics. They sent a written appeal to the chief physician of the ambulance station and city clinic with a request to conclude a contract for medical services.

The ambulance station responded that "due to the ever-growing burden on the ambulance station, which is associated with an increase in the respirator viral infections, we are unable to conclude a contract with you". On errand of the Ministry of Health Care, Central City Clinic reviewed the appeal of the applicants concerning its own inaction and found it competent.

"As a result of formal consideration of our requests and appeals, we concluded that the restriction of our constitutional right to freedom of peaceful assembly is inadmissible under article 23 of the Constitution. It also violates the rights guaranteed to citizens by the International Covenant on Political and Civil Rights,"
says the plaintiff.

Uladzimir Siakerka asks the court to recognize the actions of the ambulance station and the central clinic unlawful.

The leader of the
Homel “Fair World” branch has also applied to the Ministry of Health Care and the Homel Health Care Department. He asks the ministry to make a statement to the Belarusian government about the need to adopt government regulations that would regulate the organization of interaction of medical institutions and organizers of public events concerning the health care at mass events.

Uladzimir Siarkerka draws the attention to the ministry to the fact that repeated attempts on the part of the organization of the Left "Fair World" to sign contracts with medical institutions have brought no results as they continued receiving denials for far-fetched reasons.

The politician reminded that
earlier the organizers of mass events also had to enter into service agreements with the police, but later this norm was abolished by a ruling of the Council of Ministers. "We believe that similar steps can be taken regarding the conclusion of the contracts for serving mass events by medical institutions, for which the adoption of a similar regulation needs to be put before the government,” pointed Mr. Siakerka. He also expressed similar proposals in his appeal to the Council of Ministers.