Overconfident investigator Skavarodkin: “Let him be afraid of me – I am from the Investigative Committee”

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Mahiliou Regional Department of Investigative Committee, where Skavarodkin works

Mahiliou Regional Department of Investigative Committee, where Skavarodkin works

In a letter to his relatives a victim of tortures, prisoner Piatro Kuchura has told about his recent conversation with the investigator Skavarodkin. The latter visited the prisoner within the frames of another examination on the fact of his poisoning with bleach in Mahilioupenal colony No. 15. However, the talk was confined only to claims against Mr. Kuchura, on whose complaints four regulations of the have been canceled already.

Let us remind that the latest ruling of the senior investigator of Mahiliou interdistrict department of the Investigative Committee P. Skavarodkin concerning the refusal to bring criminal proceedings against the administration of PC-15 in Mahiliou on the fact of poisoning of the convict Piatro Kuchura with fumes of chlorine was canceled by the prosecutor's office canceled in September. Probably, an additional examination is being held on the case, withing the frames of which the notorious investigator has visited the prisoner at Mahiliou prison.

Mr. Kuchura described the details of conversation
in a letter to his family: "On November 17 at 10.50 a.m. I was taken to Skavarodkin. As soon as I entered the room, he, as always on the nerves, began rudely to express their discontent. He said that if my lawyer and me are so smart and well-educated we could rather investigate the case ourselves. Then, chocking and confusing words, he five times repeated, this phrase: "You have killed a man and his family would never see him, so why they (relatives) do not write about it …" and so on, various dirty things! I firmly replied: “That's not your problem, and it is not your task to decide who and whom has killed. If you have come to deal with a concrete issue – then you should ask questions, because I will soon go away. And mind your words, because I will answer your rudeness the same way.” Then he calmed down a bit and said: "How would you like me to punish Mahaknkou?” [Siarhei Makhankou, Chair of Mahiliou PC-15 – ed. note]. I answered: “I want Makhankou to be tried for the abuse and the money they extort from prisoners. However, you are afraid of the omnipotent lieutenant-colonel Makhankou and therefore don't do anything! Skavarodkin answered: “No, I am not, let him be afraid of me, I am from the Investigative Committee!”. That's the talk we had with him...”

Piatro Kuchura's wife Liudmila Kuchura says that he gets more and more surprised with t
he actions of the investigator Skavarodkin who never ceases to demonstrate a very unprofessional approach to the case. "His fourth decision not to institute criminal proceedings against the management of Mahiliou PC-15 has been canceled already, and further investigation doesn't cause anything but laughter. Instead of questioning my husband (though it's clear that all this is just an imitation of activity ), Skavarodkin started posing claims - you see, he did not like that the lawyer came to Mahiliou and paid interest to the materials of the examination... I am even more amazed that Skavarodkin started talking about the criminal case, on which my husband is serving his sentence.

he was a professional, he would never have said such things, as this is not his concern – he is to investigate into the torture with bleach in the PC-15. This outburst on his part once again shows what "professionals" work in the Investigation Committee. Another such fabricated the case against my husband when investigating a criminal case of my husband, and Skavarodking is now following his steps.

Who prevented Skavarodkin from holding a proper check-up with forensic medical examination back in November 2013,
when I filed the complaint? Instead of identifying the guilty/innocent persons, my complaint was forwarded to Mahiliou Region Department of Corrections, where it shouldn't have been sent. And that's the results we have. I think that the both sides are interested in concealing this case. And now Skavarodkin is aksing what to do with Makhankou! Everything must be done according to the law. If he is guilty he must be drawn to criminal account, that's what my husband seeks. If a criminal case was brought on the fact of torture with bleach, I think there could appear other people who would testify about torture in the PC-15. There are prisoners who have written many complaints about it. I know some of them by names. However, these complaints haven't left the colony. However, if all these case are given publicity, there will be a sufficient number of prisoners. In a country ruled by the law the perpetrators would be punished. However, in our country such illegal actions against convicts are allowed..."

iudmila Kuchura ironically notes that can she wouldn't be surprised if the investigator issues the fifth ruling not to institute criminal proceedings against the management of the penal colony No. 15.