Yury Belenki to be tried once more December 3

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Yuras Belenki. Photo by svaboda.org

Yuras Belenki. Photo by svaboda.org

Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Christian Party “Belarusian Popular Front Yury Belenky to stand trial for the third time. December 3 at 11 a.m., Minsk City Court will consider an administrative case for violation of the order of conduct of a mass event, the rally in Kurapaty on Forefathers' Day, November 2.

The first administrative case was heard on 17 November. Yur
y Belenky was found guilty of violating the order of holding the procession to Kurapaty forest on November 2. He was fined 3 million rubles for the failure to consult with the police on the security measures during the procession.

Then, on November 28
the Leninski district court of Minsk fined the deputy chairman of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Yury Belenky for organizing an authorized procession to the place of mass executions in Loshytsa on November 9.

According to the verdict of Judge Maryna Zapasnik, Yury Belenki, being the organizer of the procession to Loshytsa ravine on
November 9, failed to implement the decision of Minsk City Executive Committee on payment of services of the police, who secured the public order at the event. As a result, Mr. Belenki was fined 4.5 million rubles.