Journalist of TVP summoned to the police office in Slonim

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Ales Zaleuski, the employee of the Polish public television TVP, was summoned to the police office; nevertheless he got the notification after the event.


He decided not to go to the police office in Slonim, as, according to him, he did no see a sense for it, informs “Belsat”.


“I am summoned to the police office as a participant of administrative procedure. I have been even told about it on the phone before. I’m confident that it will be the article I have fallen under in Karelichy, such as 22.9 [“illegal production and distribution of media products, in fact for work without accreditation]. For the last year I have been to Slonim only once while making a report on abusive practices and corruption in housing and public utilities. So I do not see any other reasons”, he said.


The journalists got ValeryRamanchuk, the Chief of Regional Police Department, on the phone. According to him the journalist has infringed Code of Administrative Offences.


“Let him come to us, show the documents and will try to get to the bottom of it. It is not the problem that he got the notification after the event. He should call and arrange the time foe a talk”, he said.


The Chief of Regional Department of Internal Affairs had no comments on the reasons for notifications. Now the case will be taken to court.


Lately this is already the second AlesZaleuski administrative case. In May the journalist was booked penalty at the rate of 30 basic units. In fact, he was hold liable for the report on private local history museum in Mir that had more authentic show pieces than the state museum.