Reasoning part of verdict to Aliaksandr Burakou gets “lost” while being mailed

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Ales Burakou

Ales Burakou

Despite the fact that the court officers assert they had sent it by mail, Mr. Burakou hasn't received it.

Mr Burakou reports about having received an answer as a result of making an entry in the complaint book of the Leninski District Court of Mahiliou.

“I was fined on October 8, and on October 15 I made a written inquiry in order to receive the reasoning part of the court verdict. As it follows from the answer, it was presented by Judge Volkava on October 16 and sent by regular mail on October 17 by secretary Murashka,” says Ales Burakou.

However, the journalist hasn't received the letter, though he went to the post office several times.

“October 27, I came to the court and made an entry in the complaint book about this incident. I was outraged with the fact that the judge promised that I would get the reasoning part of the verdict in several days, but I still haven't received it. When I came to the court office and told that I needed the motivation part a court officer went out without even asking my name and brought it to me in several minutes with a signature by Judge Volkava,” says Mr. Burakou.

The journalist believes that the court deliberately delayed the issuance of the reasoning of the verdict in order to deprive him of the opportunity to appeal the sentence (which could be appealed within ten days). In the answer of Chair of the Leninski District Court Kuzhaleva it is stated that the court secretary Murashka was pointed at the inadmissibility of sending such correspondence by regular mail.

Let us remind that on October 8 Aliaksandr Burakou was fined 6 million rubles for allegedly violating part 2 of article. 22.9 of the Administrative Code. The judge found the journalist guilty of
working for the foreign radio station
"Deutsche Welle" without accreditation. Two laptops, belonging to Mr. Burakou, are still being examined by the police.