The judgment in the case of a collector of signatures for a "National referendum": 3 days of arrest (updated)

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Today the judge Paulouskaia announced the judgment to collector of signatures for a "National referendum" Uladzislau Koshaleu: 3 days of arrest.

Collector of signatures for a "National referendum" was detained pending trial under Art.23.34(preparation ofholding mass events). It isso was consideredhis actions by deputy chief of police department of the Partisan district - Alsheuski. The DeputyHeadof the movement "For Freedom" YuriHubarevichsaid about it inFacebook.

October 28 activists of the movement “For Freedom” Uladzislau Koshaleu collected signatures for a "national referendum" in the dormitory of college at Vaupshasava Street in Minsk. The Deputy Director of the ideology of the college didn’t like it; she took away the petition from the activist and called the police. Tired of waiting for the police, Uladzislau left the dormitory.

Today Uladzislau Koshaleu together with politicians Andrei Dzmitryev, Yuri Hubarevich and journalist, decided to meet with officials to clarify the legality of collecting signatures and return the petition. During the conversation, the deputy director - Kozlova again called the police, who detained the collector of signatures and took him to the police department of Partisan district to deputy chief of this police department, where was a field interview.
Deputy Head of the movement "For Freedom" Yuri Hubarevich tried to explain that when collecting signatures everything was within the law. As a result, he was asked to show the organization's regulations and a statement that Koshaleu is a member of the Movement.
Meanwhile Uladzislau Koshaleu is in the police department of the Partisan district of Minsk.