Vasil Parfiankou spent 90% of the sentence in separate cell

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Vasil Parfiankou. Photo by

Vasil Parfiankou. Photo by

The political prisoner Vasil Parfiankou came back from one more isolation ward, where he spent 10 days because, according to him, the violation that was just contrived by the administration. The political prisoner said about in a letter to the activist Volha Mikalaichyk, with who he is in a correspondence.

"Finally, after 10 days of silence we received a letter from him, which confirmed our suspicions that he was again thrown into an isolation ward. He wrote that while sitting decided to make a statistics. He calculated that out of 253 days, which he had been in Horki colony there was 226 days in separate cell, either in isolation ward or in ward-type room. He wrote that he was looking forward to the release. At the time of writing this letter, it was 45 days for him to stay in prison. His is pretty cheerful, "- said Volha Mikalaichyk.

Vasil Parfiankou serving his sentence in a prison in Horki. Activist was sentenced to one year of imprisonment in conditions of strict regime for violating the rules of preventive supervision, under which he was after the arrests on the actions of solidarity with political prisoners.