Activist and journalist from Mogilev Valadar Tsurpanau dismissed

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Valadar Tsurpanau

Valadar Tsurpanau

About his discharge from the adapter fitting factory he learned on October 16 when he came to work after illness. Valadar Tsurpanau worked as a welder at the factory.
The formal reason for the dismissal was the "systematic neglect of duty without satisfactory reasons that is assigned by the contract and the internal labor schedule on the employment." In the order for dismissal was also pointed out that Tsurpanau allegedly inflicted material damage to the employer and had a disciplinary punishment.

Meanwhile Valadar Tsurpanau believes that the reason for his dismissal is his fight for better conditions of work, the Belarusian language and publishing of the bulletin "Valadarynka” by him.
- They wanted to dismiss me from the factory for a long time already. Several times offered to do it on my own, but I refused. Then find formal reasons and did it when I was on the sick leave. I pleaded with the employer and won the first court. Two more of my actions are under investigation now. I complained about the poor working conditions, not to the employer, but to other instances. This information has moved beyond the factory, and the factory administration couldn’t like this fact. I was to them like a bone in the throat - says about his dismissal Tsurpanau.

Activistnotes that he has an intensionto sueforreinstatement in work, but he is not going continue working there, because the most important thing for him is to prove his innocenceand to reword the order for dismissal.

Tsurpanau says that during his confrontation with the administration of the factory has prepared more than 20 complaints that were in the Belarusian language. But head of the factory responsed all complaints in Russian.

- It turns out that the head of the factory should be brought to responsibility for more than 20 times and should be sentenced to a fine for each violation of the law of citizens’ application in the amount of four basic units, but officials are cunning and told that my appeals should be written in literary Belarusian language but not "tarashkevitsa" variant of it in which I wrote. So we will see, if my ​​my former boss is sentenced to at least such a little punishment - says Tsurpanau.
Activist notes that disciplinary punishment he received for trying to bring mobile phone to the territory of the factory, and material losses allegedly inflicted by him to the employer, was in that he had refused to obey an order of the foreman that could cause violation welding process.