Court of the Biarozauski district continue to stands on the side of the executive committee on the issue of the banning of the public events

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Tamara Schapetkina and public activist Tatsiana Tarasevich

Tamara Schapetkina and public activist Tatsiana Tarasevich

Human rights defenders Siarzhuk Rusetski, Tamara Schapetkina and public activist Tatsiana Tarasevich asked to deem illegal the refusal to hold a picket on August 25 coincided with the anniversary of the constitutional enactment of the independence of Belarus.
Executive committee rejected for two reasons: the absence of a copy of the contract with the police and that the on the place (central stadium) is going to be another event with the presence of spectators.

Together with a claim about the picket, human rights activists filed a refusal from the police that according to the decree of the Council of Ministers № 207 of the 2012 executive committee itself should refer to them (police) on this issue. In its own refusal Executive Committee referred to its decision on the organization of public events, in which there is a different procedure: the application must be filed with the police contract.
At the trial, human rights defenders referred to Art. 58 of the Law "On normative legal acts of the Republic of Belarus", which says that the judgment or order of the lower authority should be changed accordingly laws or regulations or the higher one otherwise they are becoming null and void.

It had taken a year for human rights defenders referring to the executive committee of various higher authorities, to obtain from the Executive Committee in September 2014, that the decision of the Executive Committee has been changed according to the judgment, and now it is in the Executive Committee on the legal review. By the way, the decision of the executive committee had to be changed in 2012 without any red tape.

Assistant of the attorney Aksana Hardzienka at the court sessions, when the answers of Brest Regional Executive Committee were announced that the Executive Committee was instructed to change the decision in accordance with the judgment, the similar solutions had the Brest Department of Internal Affairs of the Council of Ministers, in her speech finally offered to leave the complaint of the human right defenders unsatisfied.
Hardzienka didn’t pay attention at the deception on the part of the district executive committee that the place of the picket had been occupied by another event, despite the fact that human rights activists added to the case photos of an empty stadium where not a single spectator was. Judge Natalia Vakulchyk in her decision, in spite of everything, took the side of the executive committee and a representative of the prosecutor's office.
Human rights activists are going to appeal the court's decision of the courtof theBiarozauski district in the higher courts, and if necessary - to the Human Rights Committeeof the United Nations.

Siarzhuk Rusetski and Tatsiana Tarasevich